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Lindsay Jay Fitness, Detox and Yoga Retreats for 2015

I’m SO excited to invite you to our High Intensity, Detox and Yoga retreats.  Set within our new island home of Ibiza, we’ve created a place where people can come to experience retreats with like-minded souls. Where they can... Read More »

The Universal Language of Zumba!

What are the chances of an African, an Arab and an American in one room, without a common language, communicating effectively?   For someone who was so useless at language at school, it’s insane to have a YouTube following... Read More »

Hello from Morocco

  Greetings from Essaouira, Morroco.   For those of you who don’t know, I’m in the middle of an intensive Vinyasa Flow Yoga course and thought I would send you all an update of how I’m getting on. I’m... Read More »

Happy Easter everybunny!

  Happy Easter everyone! It’s nearly time to eat shed loads of chocolate. Go on I dare you! That’s thewonderful thing when you choose to have an active hobby like wiggling your bum for exercise. No guilty conscience’s for... Read More »

New page on the Callender!

Last week I gave you an insight into the fabulous Zoe McNulty, this week it’s all about the boys. Let me introduce you to Richard Callender who, like Zoe, I work along side at Fitness Fiesta‘s including the one... Read More »

Release your inner diva!

  I would like to introduce you to my fabulous friend and FitPro, Zoe McNulty.   I’ve known this gorgeous girl for a few years now through working at fitness events together. Her sense of humor and approach to... Read More »

“I wanna run for you ooo oooo!!!” Marathon special

Happy Valentine’s Day everybody! Today is all about doing good things for the people that we love to show them that we care.   My gorgeous sidekick has written the blog this week as she is doing something extra... Read More »

Train your planes

The inspiration for my blog this week has come from Jayne Nicholls’ weekly Tuesday newsletter in which she addresses the need for bootcamp trainers to evolve by utilising the latest information and techniques such as ‘tri plane’ training.  ... Read More »

Let’s keep the momentum in 2013!

Hey guys,   Happy New Year we hope you all had a fabulous well deserved Christmas break.     The team and I have been working hard on some great new Zumba routines to some awesome new beats over... Read More »

End of Year round up & Hello 2013!

Hi everyone Wow what a year!!! Looking back on 2012 I would just like to start off by saying a massive thank you to all of you for making this year so special. There have been so many highlights,... Read More »
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