‘Take care of your body, it’s the only place you have to live’  Jim Rohn

For me, the journey of waking up my consciousness starts in my body. When I workout, dance or practice yoga I fully inhabit my body. Feeling aware of my muscles, my heart beating and my posture, wakes me up and makes me feel really alive. When I exercise, especially with music or practice yoga I can let go of my monkey mind, fully inhabit my body, release endorphin’s, raising my self-esteem and connect with my true self.

What exercise do you like to do to connect with your physical self?

Close your eyes and imagine yourself doing this exercise now how does it make you feel?

When you fully inhabit your body and are completely present in the moment it’s impossible to feel sad or depressed.

As an International Fitness and Yoga presenter I love variety in the classes I teach. Yoga, Dance and Fitness all give me something completely different.