Ditch the workout-join the party!

Latin and international music are fused to create an explosive, booty shakin’ party of a workout that will target all those problem areas, burn 400 to 1,000 calories a class and leave you on a high!

Hot tips for making the most of your Zumba® class:

  • Leave your inhibitions at the door! The more you let go the more fun you’ll have – a free spirit will burn more calories!
  • Make sure you hold in your abs when you are dancing to really tone your tum and support your lower back.
  • Find the right Zumba® class for you. Every class and instructor is different, so make sure that you find a class and instructor that you love – because you really should LOVEyour Zumba® class!!
  • Wear a dance trainer with a spin point to protect your knees and hips.
  • Don’t dance like your instructor or the other participants around you – feel the music and dance like you! If you can’t get the steps it really doesn’t matter – just keep moving and keep smiling.
  • Focus yourself on a Zumba® fitness goal, whether it is a weight loss target
    or stamina challenge.

The Lindsay Jay Fitness team teaches classes in a number of locations. Click one of the links below to find a class near you!

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