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Summer Timetable 2014

Hi Everyone,

Summer has hit big time and how incredible is the weather this year. You’re off on your hols and the students are back in town. Due to you all taking some well deserved breaks we will be running a reduced class schedule through out August. However, all you students that join us at this time every year there are still plenty classes for you to choose from 🙂

Monday at Fitness First Clapham Hill

10.30am Zumba with Aneta

7.45pm Yoga with Niko

members  £3.50
non members £8.50 

Wednesday at The Cabbage Patch Twickenham

7.30pm Zumba with Kasia

normal £8.50
students £6.50

The full timetable along with some new extras will be back in September. If there are any new classes you would like to try please get in touch on facebook or email.


Happy Sunbathing Everyone!


lots of love,

Lindsay xxx

Lindsay | 31 July 2014 | Yoga, Zumba | | 0 Comments