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circuit training

Personalised Ibiza bootcamps designed just for you

Come and join me at my villa in Ibiza for a personal training bootcamp retreat designed specifically for you. Between group retreats this summer I am opening my heart and my home, inviting you to join me for 1... Read More »

Train your planes

The inspiration for my blog this week has come from Jayne Nicholls’ weekly Tuesday newsletter in which she addresses the need for bootcamp trainers to evolve by utilising the latest information and techniques such as ‘tri plane’ training.  ... Read More »

Let’s keep the momentum in 2013!

Hey guys,   Happy New Year we hope you all had a fabulous well deserved Christmas break.     The team and I have been working hard on some great new Zumba routines to some awesome new beats over... Read More »

WooHoo! We are in Women’s Fitness mag this month!

Morning everyone! Check out this circuit training workout, featuring Lindsay wearing Zumbawear, showing us that Zumba apparel is NOT just for your Zumba classes you can wear it for other workouts too! Lindsay Jay Women’s Fitness Magazine Have a... Read More »