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Vaccine Vacations

Hello everybody

I wanted to share some exploring work that Ivor and I have done on this VERY topical and important subject.

Wonderfully, the world we live in is becoming more and more grounded, with a growing number of us asking questions before enrolling our families in previously dictated practices.

One of these is the vaccination journey.  No mother would ever want lots of needles stuck in their baby if it wasn’t necessary and Ibiza mothers are just as strong willed on this.  Lots  of my friends have avoided vaccinations entirely and others are opting for clinics outside the health care systems.

Their questions and concerns led us to research the subject before we arrived at the first jab (eight weeks).

Google vaccination and mercury and you’ll get some really scary websites declaring that vaccinations are the biggest deception in the modern world. Start doing your own research and you might be surprised by what you read.

Whilst I was still VERY pregnant, Ivor and I went to a vaccination lecture in Ibiza town, purporting to be unbiased.  The only conclusions we reached from the material were that;

1) There is very little conclusive evidence for vaccinations

2) There is no completely compelling evidence against vaccinations

3) The only thing one can say is that death from vaccinated disease HAS an increased drop caused by the jab, although a great deal of the large decline is due to improved sanitation, healthcare advances, diet etc

The element containing mercury is Thimerosal (50% mercury).  This was present in most vaccinations including the NHS vaccines prior to 2004, although it was not used in Spain up to this date. ‘Infanrix, also known as DTaP, is mercury free and also available on the NHS. But parents have to ask for it. If they don’t the cheaper DTwP jab is almost certain to be administered.’ http://www.laleva.org/eng/2004/03/thimerosal_top_drug_makers_face_potential_liability_over_autism_linked_to_infant_vaccine.html 

In 2009 a new version of the vaccine Infanrix was introduced without the thimerosal or mercury, called Infanrix Hexa. The previous version contained thimerosal and it was this one that got everyone excited.

Infanrix-hexa is a GlaxoSmith­Kline product and was approved for use in Canada in 2004. It has been approved in many of the European Union countries and has been in routine use in Australia since 2005. The original formulation of the product approved in 2004 in Canada included thimerosal as a preservative in the Engerix-B (hepatitis B) component of the vaccine.’ http://www.bcmj.org/bc-centre-disease-control/infanrix-hexa-introduction-routine-infant-schedule-bc-february-2009 

We are incredibly lucky and have a doctor who used to work at the leading UK paediatric hospital, Great Ormond Street.  She said that Mercury had been removed in all of the vaccinations and the list of ingredients of Infanrix Hexa can be found here http://www.gsk.ca
When you start to narrow it down, it becomes quite obvious that the scare mongering is pre 2009 and even then it was out of date for most advanced health care systems, including Spain.  And, as an American would never say… if it’s could enough for the Canadians, then it’s good enough for me 😉 
It’s so easy to get carried away with conspiracy theories, but it’s also a really good idea to take a little time to do your own research.  We all use ‘Dr Google’ for so much and increasingly it winds our Doctors up.  If in doubt make an appointment and ask.  After all, being a healthcare professional is a vocation, like teaching, it means they want the best for us.  The most important thing for us parents is to satisfy are own minds.  
Lots of love from Ibiza 
Lj, Ivor, Hercules and Roo xxx
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