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Vaccine Vacations

Hello everybody I wanted to share some exploring work that Ivor and I have done on this VERY topical and important subject. Wonderfully, the world we live in is becoming more and more grounded, with a growing number of... Read More »
Lindsay | 07 May 2015 | Baby, Pregnancy | , , , | No Comments   

Best Yoga pose in preparation for birth

The Hindi squat is now one of my favourite yoga positions during my third trimester. I have been adding this a lot to my yoga practice and while relaxing in my birthing pool, that is now set up in... Read More »
Lindsay | 17 February 2015 | General, Lindsay Jay, Pregnancy, Yoga | , | No Comments   

My Birthing Affirmations

My Birthing AffirmationsĀ    I surrender to my body for a beautiful and easy birth I trust my body to bring my baby to me I relax so my baby can relax I let go so my muscles let... Read More »

Our Clapham Junction Zumba team classes are BACK! :)

Hello everybody! Tuesday night and Saturday morning Zumba is finally BACK in Clapham Junction! šŸ™‚ I’m so excited and over the moon to tell you we have a fabulous new venueĀ for our Team class! It’s been a long old... Read More »
Lindsay | 30 January 2015 | General, Pregnancy, Zumba | , , | No Comments   

Big News for Lindsay Jay!

Hey guys, I’veĀ been very busy away from the camera but that is about change and I have some big news in my life I’d love to share with you all! – Eeeeeeeeeek! Click on the picture to see the... Read More »
Lindsay | 04 December 2014 | Lindsay Jay, Pregnancy | , , | No Comments   

A Yoga Sun Salutation with Lindsay Jay – A Healthy Pregnancy

I’m loving Ibiza and loving being pregnant. We salute the sun and embrace the new day with a Sun Salutation, find out why I think Yoga and Sun Salutation is so important while pregnant. Please ask any questions below,... Read More »
Lindsay | 04 December 2014 | Pregnancy, Yoga | , , | No Comments   

What to do when you first find out you’re pregnant

Here is my first Vlog on ‘What to do when you first find out you’re pregnant’… Ok, so I freaked out a little bit when I first found I was pregnant… Here are my top tips on what to... Read More »