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Train your planes

The inspiration for my blog this week has come from Jayne Nicholls’ weekly Tuesday newsletter in which she addresses the need for bootcamp trainers to evolve by utilising the latest information and techniques such as ‘tri plane’ training.


“By simply tweaking your basic squat, lunge and burpee exercises to work in tri plane, your clients receive a much more challenging full body workout that is evolving, making it more interesting and fun at the same time.” Jay Banks


“Tri plane training, whats that??” I hear you saying.
We’re not talking about World War I airplanes, rather a way of using the science behind movement to take your workout to another level and guess what? – all you dance fitness fans out there have been doing it without realising!!!!


The human body is divided into 3 major planes which relate to the different ways we can move our bodies:


  • The coronal or frontal plane – divides the body into front and back and is the only plane to dissect the heart. It allows movement to be balanced between the prime agonists and antagonists i.e. side bending to the left and right
  • Transverse plane – divides the body into upper and lower halves and relates to rotational movement i.e twisting through the waist
  • Sagittal plane – divides the body into right and left and relates to using both sides of the body independently i.e raising right arm and left leg, walking and running





Adapting basic conventional exercises to incorporate functional movements in all 3 planes can improve proprioception (body awareness), balance and muscle strength whilst burning more calories, especially when combined with high-intensity interval training (HIIT). Regular everyday movements will become and remain effortless over time by exercising and moving the body in a functional way and will help to prevent injuries.



Dhirindar Bhullar my friend and Osteopath says “I love functional training, it uses the body to its full capacity and prevents unnecessary injury in everyday life.”


Examples of workout adaptations to work all 3 planes


  • Basic lunge – add a rotation through the waist taking the arms to the floor
  • Basic squat – add an oblique twist
  • Basic crunch -add a rotation through the abdomen and bring your opposite elbow to opposite knee
  • Jump in the air twisting your arms and legs to the right and the abdomen to the left and visa versa


Come join us for our Saturday morning circuit training sessions to have a go at tri plane training or come along to Zumba and do all 3 without even realising.