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Autumn LJF News – I’m having a baby x

Hi everybody, … We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer, as autumn kicks in the first piece of news I have for you is not classes related, it’s a personal one for Ivor and I. We are very excited... Read More »
Lindsay | 10 September 2014 | General | | 2 Comments   

Get HOT for summer!

Hello everyone, I hope you have all had a fabulous Spring, we have three fantastic pieces of news for you…. . ZUMBA Wessex House is back with a new name! I’m really excited to say that, after almost a... Read More »
Lindsay | 04 June 2014 | General | | 1 Comment   

Yoga. Are you missing the point? An Interview with Lj

This weekend Ivor and I are off to teach at a fitness convention in Romania.  I have just finished an interview with a local journalist about the types of Yoga classes we will be teaching and I thought you... Read More »

Beat Cancer With Sunshine?!

Let the sunshine… With the recent “heatwave” still in action we wanted to find out more about sunlight, positive and negative… We all know that too much sun is bad for us.  Most sources agree that burning should be... Read More »
Lindsay | 12 March 2014 | General, Yoga | | No Comments   

International Women’s Day – Spoil the Woman in Your Life

  We are giving away 3 sets of couple’s tickets, worth 300 pounds, helping promote  International Women’s Day!  Tell us why the woman in your life deserves a day of yoga and pampering and you could both come for... Read More »

Yoga and the Ocean Breath

Ujjayi breath, also referred to as the victorious or ocean breath. I love it because it calms the mind, soothes the nervous system, slows down the heart rate, lowers blood pressure, enriches prana and induces meditative states. The Ujjayi... Read More »
Lindsay | 20 January 2014 | General | , , , , , | No Comments   

Community Zumba in Clapham Junction Means the World to Us!

To all our gorgeous Zumba fans.   I’m really heart-broken and sorry to tell you that we have lost our Tuesday night venue 🙁 After so many great Tuesday nights at The Clapham Grand I’m afraid the management have... Read More »
Lindsay | 14 January 2014 | General | | No Comments   

2014, a Year for New Challenges and Changes

    HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!   Give-up Giving-up and make this New Year about the New You   If your New Year’s resolutions this year is fitness based I’m sure we can help you!   We now are... Read More »
Lindsay | 02 January 2014 | General | | No Comments   

2013 Newsletter, Round-Up & Christmas Timetable

Hello Everybody!   As the Festive Season takes hold of us all and our attention starts to focus on that jolly chap in the red hat, I want to say a huge thank you to you all for supporting... Read More »
Lindsay | 29 November 2013 | General | | No Comments   

60 seconds with the fabulous and inspiring Jo Cooper!

This weekend marks the start of the fitness convention autumn season. With my mind turning to this in preparation, this weeks blog is on one of the girls I will be spending a lot of my time with. She... Read More »
Lindsay | 18 September 2013 | General | | No Comments   
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