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Beat Cancer With Sunshine?!

images-3Let the sunshine… With the recent “heatwave” still in action we wanted to find out more about sunlight, positive and negative…

We all know that too much sun is bad for us.  Most sources agree that burning should be avoided but no one is yet prepared to stick their neck out to say just how much sunshine is good for us.  Here’s a few things you may not know about our friendly heat source…


The health benefits of the sun have been recognised for some time. Sunbathing is even a yoga asana or pose, called Atapa Snana. This ‘healing science’ was called Heliosis by the Greeks and is now known as Heliotherapy. The sun is the only carcinogen known to have health benefits including anti-carcinogenic ones!


Here are a few of the benefits;


Sunshine may inhibit cancer  Sunlight is the only major source of Vitamin D. Doctors Cedric and Frank Garland connected Vitamin D deficiency with cancer.  It’s been found that colon cancer is three times higher in New York than Mexico, especially in breast and colon cancer. Dr Zane Kime uses sunbathing and nutrition to treat cancer and has even reversed metastasized cancer. Furthermore, a study of 1,179 postmenopausal women found that supplemented Vitamin D led to a 60% drop in the risk of any cancer whatsoever.

Sunshine may protect against Dementia, Alzheimer’s and brain ageing Exposure to full spectrum light throughout the day couple with darkness at light can improve some aspects of Alzheimer’s, including reduced agitation, wakefulness, nighttime activity and increasing sleep efficiency.


Sunshine may lower the risk of multiple sclerosis  MS is more common the further you get from the equator, particularly in those that moved away in their first fifteen years. A move after fifteen means a retention of the lower risk rate. European population studies show a lower risk for births after October and higher for those after May. Suggesting maternal vitamin D levels in. The third trimester affect the risk of MS. Time for a holiday for the good or your unborn child… Perhaps a yoga retreat in Ibiza 😉


Sunshine helps with acne, eczema, fungal infections and psoriasis  A four week outdoor sunbathing session resulted in a significant clearance of psoriatic symptoms in 84% of subjects.


images-1 Sunshine can help mild depression  We’ve all heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) and there’s lots of evidence that sunlight increases levels of natural antidepressants in the brain. If fact, on sunny days the brain creates more serotonin than on darker days. Sunshine can give us up to 100,000 lux units of illuminance compared to 150-160 via office lights – think about those days when you go to and from work in the dark with only a fluorescent light bulb for company at the office!


Sunshine increases the quality of your sleep  Sunlight on your eyes causes our optic nerve to tells gland in your brain to create more melatonin (a hormone that helps us sleep). Production decreases as the sun goes down. This is especially the case for younger adults.

Sunshine is a disinfectant  Nobel Prize Winner Niels Fiasen discovered this and German soldiers after 1903 used sunlight to clean and heal wounds. Still not an excuse to avoid cleaning in the summer…


Sunshine lowers cholesterol and blood pressure  The sun converts high cholesterol into steroid and sex hormones – whoopee! A lack of sun causes material to be converted into cholesterol.  Sunlight has also been shown to reduce blood pressure in a single session, it even cleans the blood and arteries.


Sunshine increases the level of white blood cells or lymphocytes in your body

Sunbathing is exercise  Sunlight enhances the bodies capacity to get oxygen to tissues in a similar way that exercise does. It has benefits on stamina, fitness and muscular development. Particularly in children. It’s even thought that sunlight in the first few months of life may dictate an individual’s final height. As someone who spent time growing up in a hot climate I can definitely second this. When Ivor and his twin came back to the UK they were BIG for their year… It stopped there though… 😉


And here’s a few facts about sunblock…

images-5It contains;

  • Oxybenzone – a hormone disruptor – it may damage cells and even cause skin cancer
  • Retinal Palmitate which is also a carcinogen
  • Octyl Methoxycinnamate – which causes oxidation and ageing of the skin
  • Butyl Methdiebenzolmethane – which releases free radicals into the body, possibly causing cancer
  • Benzophenone 2  – which decreases thyroid activity in a population already suffering from under-active thyroids.


More than this, sunblock prevents the sun doing its vital roles for; Bone Health | Inhibiting Cancer -| Immune System | Brain Function | Weight | Reducing Asthmatic Symptoms | Strengthening Teeth


And finally, here’s some other sun trivia;

Cloud reduces UV penetration by 50% and smog or shade reduces it by 60%

North of the 42 degrees parallel on a map (draw a line from Boston to Rome) the sun is insufficient for Vitamin D synthesis in the human body… Which brings us neatly back to our last blog… ‘What’supp’…



We’re serious about that yoga retreat in Ibiza… For more details contact us on ivor@lindsayjay.co.uk

Happy Sunbathing

Lj and Ivor x

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