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Get knee pain?

Leah‘s Health and Osteopathic Advice for Zumba Classes                 Patellofemoral syndrome is a common problem affecting the front of the knee. Pain is due to the knee cap (patella) not tracking correctly... Read More »
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Release Me™ – Releeeease my body!

Release Me™, is a new fitness program that we are launching this year that combines the elegance of dance with the power of music and the peaceful, calming qualities of yoga.   I designed this program to stretch and... Read More »

Over indulged this summer? Bored of your workout? Worry not!!

Invigorate your fitness routine and feel fabulous!       Look out for our little Linds who is featured again in this months September issue of: Women’s Fitness magazine. ss She has done 3 workout features and a workout... Read More »

The BIG pre three zero De-tox!

My 30 day Challenge at Bikram Yoga Wimbledon   For those of you who don’t know three weeks ago I got overenthusiastic in a Zumba class (as per usual) and managed to give myself a level III gastrocnemius calf... Read More »
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WooHoo! We are in Women’s Fitness mag this month!

Morning everyone! Check out this circuit training workout, featuring Lindsay wearing Zumbawear, showing us that Zumba apparel is NOT just for your Zumba classes you can wear it for other workouts too! Lindsay Jay Women’s Fitness Magazine Have a... Read More »

Brand New Website!

Hi lovelies, Welcome to the re-launch of our beautiful website! I’m so happy you’re here with us to celebrate! Happy sigh. So, what’s new around here? The first thing you should notice is that the site is much more... Read More »

Question: So you want a dancer’s body?

One question I get asked a lot is: “So Bridget, what do YOU eat”? Answer: That is a tricky one. It is easy for me to answer but maybe not that easy to listen to. What one person likes... Read More »
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Interview for Ultra Fit Magazine

ZUMBA® seems to be the ‘class of the moment’, why do you think this is? Zumba® is huuugely popular!!! Well the obvious thing to say is just give it a go then you’ll know why! It’s totally infectious. Exercise... Read More »
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