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My Birthing Affirmations

My Birthing Affirmations    I surrender to my body for a beautiful and easy birth I trust my body to bring my baby to me I relax so my baby can relax I let go so my muscles let... Read More »

Our Clapham Junction Zumba team classes are BACK! :)

Hello everybody! Tuesday night and Saturday morning Zumba is finally BACK in Clapham Junction! 🙂 I’m so excited and over the moon to tell you we have a fabulous new venue for our Team class! It’s been a long old... Read More »
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Lindsay Jay Fitness, Detox and Yoga Retreats for 2015

I’m SO excited to invite you to our High Intensity, Detox and Yoga retreats.  Set within our new island home of Ibiza, we’ve created a place where people can come to experience retreats with like-minded souls. Where they can... Read More »

Guided Meditation // A Healthy Pregnancy

Are you new to Meditation?  Give this a go, its just a few minutes of your day but it can change so much! For pregnant mummy’s, help pass on positivity to your baby through meditation as well as focusing... Read More »

Big News for Lindsay Jay!

Hey guys, I’ve been very busy away from the camera but that is about change and I have some big news in my life I’d love to share with you all! – Eeeeeeeeeek! Click on the picture to see the... Read More »
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A Yoga Sun Salutation with Lindsay Jay – A Healthy Pregnancy

I’m loving Ibiza and loving being pregnant. We salute the sun and embrace the new day with a Sun Salutation, find out why I think Yoga and Sun Salutation is so important while pregnant. Please ask any questions below,... Read More »
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Nutrition while Pregnant with Lisa Strong // A Healthy Pregnancy

Lisa, my new nutritionist friend in Ibiza, gives us some tips on what we should and shouldn’t be eating while pregnant. Thank you again Lisa! If you have any questions or would like to know any more please do... Read More »
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What to do when you first find out you’re pregnant

Here is my first Vlog on ‘What to do when you first find out you’re pregnant’… Ok, so I freaked out a little bit when I first found I was pregnant… Here are my top tips on what to... Read More »

Off the Grid Living: A Workout In Lifestyle

Off the Grid Living: A Workout In Lifestyle By Anne Foy As a big city girl, living in the countryside is like a novelty to me. While I thrive on the energy of bright lights and big festivals, from... Read More »
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Autumn LJF News – I’m having a baby x

Hi everybody, … We hope you’ve had a wonderful summer, as autumn kicks in the first piece of news I have for you is not classes related, it’s a personal one for Ivor and I. We are very excited... Read More »
Lindsay | 10 September 2014 | General | | 2 Comments   
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